The use of enzymes in animal feed is now well accepted throughout the industry. In simple terms it has been recognized that addition of enzymes to animal feed will improve the efficiency with which animal digest the raw material.

Reasons for using Norizymes in Animal Feed:
  • To breakdown the ANFs inherent in the feedstuff, and therefore to improve the performance of the animal, or better feed utilization.
  • To break down the chemical structure of th creal base of the diet, and thus to release extra nutrients.
  • To increase availability to the animal of proteins, starches, and minerals.
  • To reduce the variability inherent in feedstuffs, and increase the uniformity of the animals, which in turn increases profitability.
  • To reduce the environmental pollution caused by the excretion of undigested feed, especially phytase, which reduces phosphorus excretion.


Norizyme CE -

Norizyme CE is a multi action enzyme which hydrolyzes Carbohydrates, Complex Proteins, fats, and NSP’s present in feed composition.

Norizyme PCT -

Norizyme PCT is concentrated Pectinase enzyme which is widely used in the fruit juice industry to help extraction, clarification and modification of fruit juices.

Norizyme XT -

Norizyme XT is a concentrated Xylanase enzyme used as a feed additive in poultry and cattle feed.

Norizyme GS –

Beta Glucanase enzyme

Norizyme CL –

Cellulase enzyme

Norizyme PR –

Protease enzyme

Norizyme AM –

Alpha amlase

Norizyme MN –

Beta Mannanase enzyme

Norizyme GS –

Aplha Galactosidase enzyme


NoriPro –

Unique water soluble combination of latest probiotics

Noripro AW : Noripro Aw is probiotic Aspergillus awamori

Keep an optimal environment for better digestion, immune function and GI tract health.

Noripro SC : Noripro SC is probiotic Saccharomyces cerevisiae

High fibre vitamin and folic acid content

Noripro SB : Noripro SB is probiotic Saccharomyces boulardii

Potent anti microbial, antitoxic and anti inflammatory effect.

Noripro BS : Noripro SB is probiotics Bacillus subtilis

Regulates the micro-ecological environment by supporting growth of beneficial bacteria.

Noripro LR : Noripro LR is probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus

Thrive in the harsh conditions of the digestive and urinary tracts.

Noripro AO : Noripro AO is probiotic Aspergillus oryzae

Produces the enzyme amylase, an important enzyme for a healthy gut and improved digestion.