We are engaged in offering a wide variety of Heat Treatment Chemicals, which includes Quenching Solutions, Descaling Chemical and Alkaline Cleaner (HT Wash). These chemicals are formulated using high-grade ingredients that are sourced from the authentic vendors of the market. After testing our range on stringent parameters, we ensure that it is in compliance with the set industry norms. We offer these products to our clients as per their respective demands at competitive market rates.
Product Name
Working Range
Proto Q N   Mineral oil based, for normal speed
Proto Q MF   Mineral oil based for medium fast speed
Proto Q F   Mineral oil based for fast speed
Proto H 31   Mineral oil based hot quenchant with low viscosity
Proto PQ 10   Ploymer based quenching fluid for high speed

Product Name
Working Range
Heat Treat 660 660 to 900 °C Neutral salt for hardening tool steel,alloy steel etc.
Heat Treat 720 720 to 900 °C Water soluble neutral hadening salt tool steel.
Heat Treat 970 970 to 1350 °C Hardening salt with out scaling of decarburisation
Heat Treat 830 830 to 1100 °C Hardening salt for Stainless steel,hot work steel,2%c&12% Cr steel.
Heat Treat 650 650 to 720 °C Annealing carbon steel wires below 720 deg.c
Heat Treat 150 160 to 550 °C Used for tempering after hardening,precipitate hardening aluminium alloy.
Heat Treat 155 155 to 540 °C Heat transfer salt in chemical & oil cracking installation
Heat Treat 220 220 to 550 °C Used for tempering after hardening &for molted finish.
Heat Treat 350 350 to 540 °C Treatment and annealing of Aluminium alloys
Heat Treat 495 495 to 700 °C Quenching/Secondary hardening 'lean' high speed steel tools.
Heat Treat 540 540 to 700 °C Quenching high speed steel and hot work steel tools/Secondary hardening.
Regenerator PR 660 to 100 °C Non -Carburising
Heat Carb CN 120 900 °C Carburising
Proto Klin Aqua   Neutral Cleaner.
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