Leading Manufacturer and Supplier from Mumbai, our product range includes MRO Product Range such as Flaw Check Developer, Flaw Check Cleaner, Flaw Check Penetrant, Plastic & Rubber Care Spray, Silicone Mold Release, Anti Weld Spatter Silicone Based and many more items.

MRO Product Range

Flaw Check Developer
  • High contrast gives visibility against the penetrant,
  • Quick Drying,
  • Does not run off,
  • Easily Removable.

Flaw Check Cleaner
  • High power solvent cleaner to clean oil grease, dust and swarf,
  • Quick Drying,
  • Chlorine and Sulphur free,
  • Low Odour.

Flaw Check Penetrant
  • Blend of high quality, bright dye and solvent,
  • Penetrats through smallest cracks and defects,
  • Easy removal by cleaner.

Plastic & Rubber Care Spray
  • Durable protective shine,
  • UV Protection against discolouration,
  • Refreshes dull surfaces,
  • Refreshes and preserves Rubber and Plastic.

Silicone Mold Release
  • Crystal Clear Product,
  • Non - Staining,
  • Non - Toxic,
  • Reduces buildup on Molds
  • Imparts a light silicone film.

Anti Weld Spatter Silicone Based

Use on various welding and torch cutting devices where weld spatter could be a problem, including MIG and TIG nozzles and tips, electrode holders, fixtures, resistant welding tips, and all types of maintenance/ production welding.

Throttle Body & Air Intake Cleaner
  • Strong Solvent dissolves gum, lacquer, deposits and dirt quickly,
  • Powerful jet spray to support cleaning action,
  • Cleans carburettor and intake system without disassembly,
  • Suitable for visible carburettor parts, throttle valves and choke,
  • Restores engine power,
  • Maximises fuel economy,
  • Non - corrosive degreaser.

Electrical Contact Cleaner
  • Active Solvents,
  • Fast and Active cleaning,
  • Leaves no residue,
  • Non - Corrossive,
  • Deep Penetrating Formula,
  • Non - CFC Based.

Solvent Cleaner
  • Quick Drying,
  • Powerful Flushing Action,
  • Cleans instantly and gives sparkling finish to metal surfaces,
  • Does not contain chlorinated solvents,
  • Environment friendly.

Electrical Part Cleaner

Cleaning, protecting, lubricating & moisture proofing of make-break systems, contactors, relays, circuit breakers, transformers, switch gears, motors, generators, instruments, electronics, and communication assemblies

Solvent Cleaner
  • Strong Cleaning Power,
  • Environment Friendly,
  • Non - corrosive,
  • Fast evaporating,
  • Non - Chlorinated Solvents,
  • Pleasant Citrus Odour.

Belt Grip
  • Prevents Slippage,
  • Adheres strongly on belt surface,
  • Gives extra pulling power by improving traction,
  • Increases transmission efficiency,
  • Reduces squeaking noise,
  • Forms a tacky, non - drying, water resistant, chemically stable film.

Chain Lubricant
  • Reduces friction and loss of power,
  • Exhibits anti - wear properties that increases chain durability,
  • Exhibits excellent penetration into the links and pins of chain.
  • Excellent corrosion protection on chains,
  • Does not drip.

Anti Weld Spatter Water Based
  • Water based Non - Flammable,
  • Prevents Spatter adhesion,
  • Easy removal thus reduces clean up work and time,
  • Economical due to its thin film performance,
  • Long term anti-adherent effect.

Spray Paint
  • Easily touch up portoins of the paint with a smooth and pristine finish,
  • It leaves a smooth evenly coated surface, unlike many rolled or brushed paints,
  • The paint can be applied on metal, plastic, glass as well as variety of surfaces.

Zinc Paint Spray
  • 99% pure Zinc provides maximum protection,
  • Fast Drying, drying to touch in fifteen to thirty minutes,
  • Tough and Durable Coating,
  • Can be applied to existing paint work or bare metal.

Proto Quick DW
  • Multi-Purpose Spray,
  • Cleans, Lubricates, Protects, Penetrants and loosens rust,
  • Displaces water,
  • Prevents corrossion,
  • Restores Electrical Contacts,
  • Lubricates sticky mechanisms.

Long Term Protection Spray
  • Long Term Protection during shipment and extended storage,
  • Protects from salty and humid atmosphere,
  • Flexible soft film,
  • Easy to remove,
  • Does not contain chlorinated solvents.